New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Five Things About Day Five

14/08/2014 16:33 | Updated 22 May 2015

New York Fashion Week day five was all about Victoria Beckham (see her show here), Diane von Furstenberg and DKNY.

While there were many pointers on how we'll all be dressing next season, here's our top five observations...

DKNY New York Fashion Week

1. The visor is no longer simply a hipster accessory/niche - as of next season it will be worn seriously (as opposed to ironically) and if you're preppy, you're going to lose it over this trend. Teamed with a ponytail, you couldn't get more my-spiritual-home-is-Nantucket if you tried.

2. There has been a lot of colour-blocking on the catwalk so far but with her show, Diane von Furstenberg said it's still okay to wear print next season and we believe her.

3. You know those rubbish summer showers? They'll be a lot better with a Custo Barcelona raincoat.

4. There's so much monochrome next season! Which is great because everyone can do black and white, right?

5. You need to learn how to sew. DKNY sent seriously retro, patch-adorned jeans down the runway and you'll want to copy that idea on your 501s.

Take a flick through the pics from day five here - fullscreen is a must...



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