14/08/2014 16:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

PDAs: When They Are And Aren't Okay

Public displays of affection, "aka getting on each other in front of other people," according to that handy internet resource are common place in our modern society.

You oft see couples smooching on a park bench, holding hands as they stroll down the street or caressing each other's hair/arms/faces while packed into a commuter train carriage like sardines in the morning. Bless. Vom.

PDAs: When They Are And Anren't Okay

Even high profile celebrities like Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are at it in front of the world's media on the bloomin' red carpet.

We're not here to get all judgey and rain on the loved up couples' parade, but sometimes it's really damn awkward when two people are eating face in Pret while you're trying to keep your porridge down.

We're pretty sure it's not just Team MyDaily who think it's right about time to lay down some ground rules for the PDA, because, quite frankly, there's nothing worse than being reminded how lonely and miserable you are on the train to work. And even if you have found that special someone, you're really not too keen on seeing others get it on in the line for the cash point.

public displays of affection: when they are and aren't okay

So here's a quick list of instances where PDAs may or may not be acceptable:

1 .Trains
If you must snog/cuddle/caress on the train please do so at the weekend. Commuters don't need lovey dovey-ness all up in their face when they're trying to do the crossword, catch up on current affairs or stare blankly into the abyss. However, for some reason it's not as bad to do it on a Saturday or Sunday - everyone's more relaxed therefore happy to let the odd PDA slide.

2. Weddings
The bride and groom are obv allowed to PDA. But guests are too. Hurrah! Wipe that lipgloss off because wedding receptions are prime time smooch-athons. Hold back during the ceremony, cake cutting, speeches and first dance because it's not about you darling, but other than that feel free to get involved with the lovin'.

3. The cinema
Sure it's dark and the perfect setting for a third or fourth date, but that doesn't mean you should get carried away. Hand holding, snuggling and the odd peck on the cheek is totally fine, but snogging is a different story. Let's be honest snogging is kinda loud, lip-smacky and moist. Spare a thought for the old dears/children sitting behind you.

4. The street
You may hold hands, kiss when greeting and saying goodbye. That is all. There shall be no necking, no hands on bum cheeks and no, no, no.

5. Pubs/coffee shops
A glass of red or a double shot espresso may have you feeling particularly fruity, but think of the other patrons.

So next time you're thinking of doing a Nicole Kidman, stop for a minute and consider the above. The general public will thank you for it.