Taylor Swift Makes More Money Than Any Other Artist In The Music Industry

25/11/2017 09:53 GMT

Taylor Swift officially makes more money than any other solo artist in the music industry. The 24-year-old singer raked in a ridiculous $39,699,575.60 last year, according to Billboard's Top Money Makers list.

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If like us you're struggling to compute such a long sequence of numbers, Taylor earned just shy of $40million in 2013 which is a approximately $16million more than superstar diva Beyonce. What. The. Ef!?

Hot on Taylor's heels was country singer Kenny Chesney - aka that guy Renee Zellweger was married to for four months - who hustled his way to $32,956,240.70 last year.

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Check out who else made it on to the top 10 list... You're in for a bit of a surprise. Who the heck is Luke Bryan?

1. Taylor Swift - $39,699,575.60
2. Kenny Chesney - $32,956,240.70
3. Justin Timberlake - $31,463,297.03
4. Bon Jovi - $29,436,801.04
5. The Rolling Stones - $26,225,121.71
6. Beyonce - $24,429,176.86
7. Maroon 5 - $22,284,754.07
8. Luke Bryan - $22,142,235.98
9. Pink - $20,072,072.32
10. Fleetwood Mac - $19,123,101.98

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