Tom Hughes: Five Things To Know

14/08/2014 16:38 | Updated 22 May 2015

Have you heard of Tom Hughes? No we didn't think so, but it's time to swot up on this hunky English gent.

The 28-year-old chiseled dream boat has already made a name for himself on out telly boxes in Silk, Dancing On The Edge and Marple as well as hitting the silver screen alongside Rachel McAdams in About Time. With two more flicks already in post-production and a role in the BBC's new spy drama, The Game, he won't be disappearing into the abyss any time soon.

So here's a few things you might want to know about him, just in case you end up taking about him over a glass of vino one evening after work. You can thank us later for making you look clued up etc.

1. He's so flippin' hot

Look at his face! Just look at it. We wish he'd make these come to bed eyes at us...


2. He's taken and guess what? His girlfriend is so flippin' hot

They weren't lying when they said all the good men are gone. Heart-breakingly Tom isn't single. He's dating fellow actor Ophelia Lovibond.

3. He's a musician

"I started playing guitar when I was six years old. That's before I first knew that I wanted to be an actor," he told Mr Porter, adding that, "the two have always gone together - the one seems less vibrant without the other. It comes from the fact, I think, that they're both about the same thing - a desire to tell stories."

4. He's fronted a Burberry campaign

Although Tom is pretty modest about his modelling career, Tom landed a pretty big deal when he was pictured with Emma Watson by world-renowned photographer Mario Testino.

5. He's a Northern lad

Tom wouldn't want any curry sauce on his chippy chips, he's all about the gravy. Why? Because he's from Chester of course!

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