14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Whatever Happened To... Chad Michael Murray?

Chad Michael Murray was the man of your dreams, once upon a time. He was the one and only reason you watched (read: endured) One Tree Hill and A Cinderella Story. But what the ef has Prince Charming been up to since we all stopped watching OTH one, two, three... NINE years?! Apart from growing a beard?

chad michael murray

As your resident masters of totally useless celeb knowledge we've found out what he's been doing as of late...

1. He got married AND divorced
Way back when in the golden age of April 2005, CMM got hitched to his OTH co-star Sophia Bush. Unfortunately it didn't last and the pair announced their separation in September that same year, reportedly because sly dawn CMM was having it off with Paris Hilton while filming horror movie House Of Wax (nope, us neither). Ah well, five months is practically five years in La La Land.

2. He asked another woman to marry him
After he and Sophia split, Chad shacked up with OTH extra Kenzie Dalton (aka the first runner-up in the 2005 Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant). In 2006 he popped the question... But they never made it down the aisle. In 2013 the pair called off their seven-year engagement.

3. He starred in a music video
In 2010 Chad made his, er, much-anticipated return to the small screen and appeared as Alicia Keys' love interest in her music video for 'Un-Thinkable'. Don't remember that one, eh? Here's a reminder:

4. He's still been acting in One Tree Hill
Yes, while we all gave up the ghost in the mid Noughties, One Tree Hill actually stayed on telly until 2012. #Awkward.

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