The Duchess Of Cambridge Is 'Simpsonized'

25/08/2014 19:26 | Updated 20 May 2015

Kate Middleton and the Queen Simpsons

The Duchess of Cambridge as you've never seen her before - yellow.

'Simpsonized' is the way Italian blog artist aleXsandro Palombo describes his portayals of Kate Middleton and the Queen in a succession of outfits and Buckingham Palace settings but with the same Simpsons style facial expression.

"An exclusive tour at Buckingham Palace with Princess Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II immortalized in their royal iconic style by artist aleXsandro Palombo" is the latest from the Italian blogger. He has previously recreated Disney princesses as disabled and Disney princesses as victims of domestic abuse on his blog Humor Chic. Funny, hey?!

Kate Middleton and the Queen Simpsons

We thought this painting of Kate as 'breastfeeding Madonna with corgi' was pretty weird. But Kate as a Simpsons character is downright wearisome. Who'd want to be a style icon?

Kate Middleton The Simpsons

What do you think of the yellow Kates?


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