How Kate Middleton Prepared For Pregnancy

18/09/2014 09:25 | Updated 20 May 2015

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning to doing things differently with their second child.

The couple want to know the sex of the second royal baby at Kate's 18-week scan (yes, they'd love a girl), but following the birth they will be heading straight to their newly refurbished Anmer Hall mansion in Norfolk, say reports.

Duchess of Cambridge pregnant

Vanity Fair's Royal Watch writes Kate and Wills planned to try for another baby this summer and apparently Kate went to all lengths to make sure she was able to conceive as soon as possible.

The duchess jumped on the juicing bandwagon (raw vegetables all the way), stopped having spray tans and gave up having her hair coloured to better her chances of conceiving.

The spray tan thing? We're guessing it might have had something to do with a fear of the chemicals used in hair dyes as these can be passed on through the breast milk.

As for nesting down in Anmer Hall following the arrival of baby number two (they're not crashing at the Middleton mansion again), it makes perfect sense - think of all the room they have in this country mansion.

"There is a nanny annex and a guest suite with plenty of space for Kate's family," a friend of the couple told Vanity Fair. "Kate and William plan to go to their own family home after the birth. Kate is more confident now. This is all about the start of a new life for them and the family in Norfolk.

"Kate has said she also plans to get a maternity nurse," the friend added. "It was really hard work with George and there were lots of sleepless nights. Kate has said she's going to have help with the next one."

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Princess Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Second Child
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