10 Most Fashionable Female Animations EVER (By A Girl Who Really Likes Cartoons)

16/10/2014 12:21 | Updated 22 May 2015

Take it from a sister who knows - it's hard being a female.

Attempting to be fashionable, stop-you-in-your-tracks intelligent, funny and endearing day in, day out is ruddy impossible. Which is why I turn to cartoons in hours of need.

1) They're funny.

2) They're stylish (no, really).

3) sometimes they have superpowers. Wonder Woman - I salute you/ weep at your greatness.

Wonder Woman

As a total feminist, I'm ALL for the empowerment and awesomeness of women. So hats off to these iconic animations who showed me exactly how it's done when I was a child (and, er, now).

Here's my top 10 - each uniquely and unquestionably stylish. Total heroines.

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