​My Vintage Wardrobe: Sofia Tourlakidou, Founder Of SoLovesVintage

05/11/2014 12:58 | Updated 20 May 2015

When it comes to her vintage style, Sofia Tourlakidou, founder of online boutique SoLovesVintage, loves a good suit, a 1950s silhouette and lots of colour and prints in her day-to-day look, which she describes as "eclectic, electric and fun."

My Vintage Wardrobe: Sofia Tourlakidou, owner of 'SoLovesVintage'  gives us a sneak peak into her amazing vintage wardrobe.

Her interest in one-of-a-kind clothes "that no one else was wearing" began in childhood in her native Greece, where she'd look for unique finds in second-hand shops. Now she trawls auctions, charity shops, antiques stores, markets and the internet for perfect pieces for her personal collection and online vintage boutique.

Her secret to finding vintage that fits like a glove? A great seamstress - Sofia regularly alters her favourite vintage pieces to fit her petite frame.

Don't miss more of her vintage styling and buying tips and all of the highlights from her wardrobe below...

What are the best vintage-sourcing spots?

It can be hit and miss with vintage – some can be lucky and find a gem in a charity shop. As vintage becomes more and more popular, it becomes harder for non-dealers to find affordable pieces. Personally, I can find great pieces in auctions.

My Vintage Wardrobe: Sofia Tourlakidou, owner of 'SoLovesVintage'  gives us a sneak peak into her amazing vintage wardrobe.

Three top tips for styling vintage wares?

1. Keep everything in proportion - if you are petite keep dress lengths shorter. A great seamstress can work wonders on any vintage piece!

2. Mix vintage with high street and designer to create your own personal style.

3. Find what works with your body-shape best and work the look.

What are your favourite vintage eras and style icons?

I don't have a favourite era as I can easily find stunning pieces in any era. But in terms of my figure, I believe I am a 1950s girl. Wide hips, tiny waist! I love Marilyn as she had great body and her dresses are amazing. Also Brigitte Bardot is another favourite of mine.

​I love women with curves. Today the word 'icon' is often used carelessly. I prefer my icons to be from the past.

My Vintage Wardrobe: Sofia Tourlakidou, owner of 'SoLovesVintage'  gives us a sneak peak into her amazing vintage wardrobe.

How does vintage fashion inspire your work?

I must say I am very old-fashioned in my outlook on life. I'm the type of person that prefers to write letters, and speak to a person rather than emailing.

However, in terms of business I found it easier and more cost-effective to be an online retailer, where I can reach more vintage fashion fans! I am a keen vintage lover myself and when I set out to start my own company (around 2008), there weren't many online shops out there; and those already set up didn't seem to have the right branding and the images were never clear! So I saw a gap in the market. And that was the beginning of

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