6 Reasons Why A Little Mermaid-Themed Wedding Beats A Traditional One

06/11/2014 07:42 | Updated 20 May 2015

Lady who loves her Disney?

This Little Mermaid-themed wedding is all your fairytale princess dreams come true.

Mark Brooke Photography/ Mathieu Photo

Traci Hines (singer, designer and hipster mermaid) teamed up with online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade to create this under-the-sea inspired shoot.

Okay, so it's actually a pretend wedding (yes, Traci and Leo Camacho aka Ariel and Eric had us fooled too) but here's six reasons why saying "I do" a la The Little Mermaid is so much better than your average white wedding.

1. The red hair, the red lipstick and the gold DINGLEHOPPER

Was there ever a more enchanting bride?

2. The metallic mermaid tail nails and nautical bling

Now this is the kind of nail art we would walk down the aisle wearing.

3. You get to do it on a beach

Think sand between your toes, think t-shirts, tulle skirts and sea breeze in your bridal hair.

4. Macaroons are shaped like clams

The whole cupcake wedding cake thing is out and ocean-inspired macaroons are taking over. True story.

5. Tie-dying your wedding dress is a thing

Who said a puffball gown was your only option?

6. Starfish (and anything of the ocean variety) work on everything

Table settings, seating plans, bunting, centrepieces...

As far as faux-weddings go, this one had us hook, line and sinker.

Images by Mark Brooke Photography and Mathieu photo. The full team included shoot designer Cloud Parade's Lauren Coats, hair and makeup by 10.11 Makeup, delicious desserts by Sweet and Saucy Shop, and florist A Blooming Bud.


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