Prince Harry On Those Naked Vegas Photos

04/12/2014 17:54 | Updated 20 May 2015

Prince Harry has had a pretty busy week.

Prince Harry

He's just returned from a pretty raucous trip to Abu Dhabi (hookah pipes, yachts, twerking), he revealed a big secret for the #FeelNoShameCampaign and then played trader during the annual ICAP Charity Day on Wednesday.

And in other Prince Harry news, he's the cover star of Man of the World magazine's 10th issue.

The 30-year-old royal has definitely got that smouldering soldier thing going on (check the camo) but it's his interview with the men's fashion magazine that is making headlines.

Mainly because, he talks THAT night in Vegas.

"It was probably a classic case of me being too much Army and not enough prince," the royal says of those infamous leaked photos - the ones taken in 2012 of Prince Harry butt naked in a Las Vegas hotel room. "It's a simple case of that".

We read that to mean too much party boy and less I'm-fourth-in-line-to-the-British-throne.

Following the scandal, Harry was called into duty on the front line in Afghanistan as part of the Army Air Corps. Clearly, it was a real wake up call.

"I saw some horrendous things. The tragic injuries and deaths of local people from roadside bombs, some of whom were children; coalition forces lying in the battlefield," he tells the magazine.

Harry also opens up about his expedition to the South Pole in-depth for the first time. Need to read all the details? You can pre-order the magazine now here. We've placed ours.

Prince Harry -- Having a Hookah Good Time in Abu Dhabi
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