Is Your Child The UK's Most Mischievous Toddler?

12/12/2014 13:00 | Updated 20 May 2015

Little mischief

Could your son or daughter be the UK's most mischievous toddler? A new search is on to find the nation's ultimate tiny troublemaker - and the winner will be treated to a fabulous family day out.

Drawing on the walls, flooding the bathroom, dropping the car keys down the loo... dealing with everyday catastrophes is all a part of raising a toddler.

But sometimes, it seems that our youngsters go above and beyond, spreading their own unique brand of chaos.

If you've got a great snap of your toddler caught in the act, you can submit it to bed manufacturer Time4Sleep's blog, who are looking for the most mischievous preschooler in the UK.

The winner of the contest, which runs until January 5, will receive a family day out of their choice, up to value of £200. A great way to kick off the new year!

We've been browsing through Time4Sleep's Facebook album showcasing some of the best submissions it has received so far, and we've gathered some of our favourites below to give you a taste of just how much havoc a determined toddler can wreak.

uk's most mischievous toddler

Amelia Avossa from Leicester says: "Mummy this is what you get for going to wash up.".

uk's most mischievous toddler

Hayley Griffiths from Bournemouth says:"Well this is what toilet roll is for Mummy....."

uk's most mischievous toddler

Jemma Wallis from Bournemouth says: "I just wanted another bath mummy"

uk's most mischievous toddler

Ragan Bennett from Chesterfield says: "Just when i thought he was asleep, he had emptied a full bottle of talcum powder ......nightmare lol"

uk's most mischievous toddler

Samantha Redman from Bournemouth says: "Paint a nice picture no not your face....NOT THE DOG!"

uk's most mischievous toddler

Sharon Powell from Leicester says: "Oops!"

uk's most mischievous toddler

Claire Hughes from Thurso says: "The little one is the ringleader"

Got one of your own? Submit it here!


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