26 Most Creative GoPro First-Person Videos Of 2014

15/12/2014 16:30 | Updated 15 December 2014

GoPros. HTC Re cameras. Sony Action Cams. They all have one thing in common: they let ridiculous people do insane things and post them on the internet.

This year has seen the greatest batch yet of videos filmed from a first-person perspective. And whether it involved someone tightrope walking on a hot air balloon, doing a handstand on a crane or just a fox eating a camera in a field, we loved every single one.

Here are the 26 first-person videos that drove the most traffic on HuffPost this year.

And if you want a GoPro to try and make it onto our list next year, you can win one here.

  • Crazy Ski Line
    Cody Townsend made the run on the Tordrillo Mountains, northwest of Anchorage in Alaska. He said it went by "so fast – I wasn’t paying attention to anything that wasn’t directly in front of me".
  • Parachute Motorcycle Plunge
    Ever wondered what it might be like to go down to your local wooded ravine, drive a motorcycle at full pelt over a massive ramp, jump off and parachute down into a river?
  • Watch A GoPro Survive A Lethal Electron Beam Irradiator
  • Lion Hunting Prey... With A GoPro
    Rather than having someone spend hours waiting in a small bush so they can capture the perfect moment Kevin Richardson -- a 'lion whisperer' -- has negated all of that by going straight to the source: strapping a GoPro to a full-grown lioness.
  • Wedding Booze GoPro
    It's your wedding. You've got booze. You've got a GoPro.
  • GoPro Vs Real Life
    Maybe our favourite GoPro video of the year combined the thrill of pocketable video tech with the mundanity of real life.
  • Robbery Captured With A GoPro
    Mike Graziano was on a bicycle tour of a 'rough' part of Buenos Aires, Argentina when out of the blue a man with a motorbike pulls out in front of him, he swerves to avoid the bike and thinks nothing more of it. Unfortunately that was just the beginning of his troubles.
  • Man Vs Tube
    Check out the video below of one brilliant man racing the tube from Mansion House to Cannon Street, and follow it up with our favourite GoPro videos of all time.
  • Unicycling Down A Mountain
    Why risk your life on two wheels when you can do it on one?
  • Dog Races To The Sea
    Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a dog running full-pelt? Well, now you can!
  • GoPro Inside A Rocket
    To help see all the stages of a rocket burn the team at Copengagen Suborbitals placed the GoPro Hero3 inside one of their test rigs where the engine would burn but ultimately never lift off the ground.
  • Jet Skiing Video Looks Like A Video Game
    You can thank Christian Yellott who took his Honda AquaTrax F-12X jet ski, a nice shiny GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and decided to get lost in some of the inlets that are scattered all around the lake.
  • An Action Cam Went To Space
  • Flying Through Two Buildings With A Parachute
    You see those buildings? You see that gap? You see the person with the parachute filming the video? Yep.
  • Baby Seals
    “Me and my friend Andrew Flounders were out enjoying some summer waves when this little guy came along and scared the hell out of Andy because we didn’t know what it was! It nudged his foot from underneath,” explains Matt Stanley about this amazing encounter with a baby seal.
  • GoPro Jellyfish Nightmare
    The video, taken by Kenneth Pagh near to Langeland Island, and posted to YouTube, shows a frankly horrifyingly massive school of the little beasties swimming with no apparent purpose, just like the rest of their kind.
  • Fox Eats GoPro
    This time around it's a fox who stumbles on the camera, and attempts to swallow it because, you know, what the hell, it might taste okay.
  • Running Of The Bulls With A GoPro
    Thanks to the increased popularity of action cameras like the GoPro Hero 3 we can now finally see what it's like to be inside one of these insane events without putting our lives on the line.
  • Imperial Eagle Flies Over London
    Meet Darchan. He's an Imperial Eagle who spent a day flying over some of London's most famous landmarks with an action camera strapped to his back.
  • GoPro Shark Attack
    We're still not sure if this was real...
  • Guitarist Solos With A GoPro
    Brad Paisley plays a mean guitar solo. That meanness is then tripled when he replaces one of his hands with a GoPro action camera and proceeds to use it as a slider.
  • What Happens Inside Your Dishwasher?
  • Tightrope Walking In Mid-Air, With A GoPro
    If you're going to attempt to tightrope walk between two hot air balloons, you might as well wear a GoPro head camera while you're doing it. That's exactly what this team of French daredevils did recently, when they a succession of daring walks across the void.
  • Handstand On A 40 Storey Building
    Don't do this.
  • Camera Falls From A Plane Into A Pig Pen
    Real or fake? The internet did not care.
  • Let's Go Climb A Crane
    Because why not? Oh, right: death. Whatever.
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