Artist Creates Hyperreal Kate Middleton Doll. What Do You Think?

05/01/2015 10:52 | Updated 20 May 2015

A Californian artist is making hyperrealistic celebrity dolls - and selling them for a whopping £3,300 on eBay. His latest creation? A Kate Middleton version. And it really is pretty lifelike (if a little creepy).

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Artists creates hyperreal Kate Middleton doll

Noel Cruz, 53, from Tustin, California, transforms off-the-shelf dolls into hyper realistic models of celebrities.

He spends up to three days painting the intricate faces of each model, sometimes working for eight hours straight.

He removes all the paint from the original dolls to create a blank canvas, before applying acrylic paint makeup to each of them, as well cutting and styling their hair. He has even used mini rollers to create signature curls.

Once he has completed the painting he sells the dolls on eBay.

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Speaking to Caters News, he said, "I became interested in this by accident as my wife has been a collector of dolls for years.

"It's painstaking work on such a small canvas so delicately done - it can be longer than an eight-hour shift."

He painted his first doll back in 2001, and has been creating lifelike celebrities ever since.

Noel's done the likes of Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Glenn Close. And now, he's created Kate Middleton, which we can't help thinking looks a teensy bit like Geri Halliwell...

Of course, it's not the first Kate Middleton doll that's ever been made. She was even once turned into a 'Barbie' to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Cute.

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