07/01/2015 12:32 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hilarious Vines Offer Terrible 'Good Parenting' Advice


If you like dark humour, you'll love Vine star Anna Blast's hilariously tongue-in-cheek 'good parenting' tips.

Vines' clip-friendly format - videos can be no longer than six seconds - have made them a fertile ground for comedy, and mum Anna Blast has won a large following with her sardonic 'advice'.

Over the last year, Anna, from Austin, Texas has built up nearly 60,000 followers with her straight-faced one-liners, including offering tips for raising children that would make your hair stand on end.

As in the Vine above, most of Anna's clips start with a well-known saying or piece of common advice, with a cynical twist.

Her humour isn't for the faint-hearted. In one clip, she advises parents to start talking about drugs with their kids as early as possible. "Like, in the morning, before you're drunk for the day..." she deadpans.

Another Vine compares children to a jigsaw puzzle, telling parents who feel they have failed to 'make another one' and start again.

Her persona on the site revolves around her 'gangsta' attitude to life, pitch black humour and sardonic 'life' tips, including ones like the advice below on 'beating the post-Christmas blues through exercise'.

Or this one, satirising the teenage obsession with dubstep by taking us all back to 1982:

Her grumpy, sweary, totally bananas character has proved a hit, with her clips racking up over 63 million views in total.

There's no word on what her kids think of their mum's notoriety on Vine, a site generally dominated by teenagers and college students - but we have a feeling she doesn't care!

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