25/02/2015 15:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Premature Baby Stranded In New York Finally Arrives Home


A mum, dad and their premature baby have finally arrived home after being stranded in New York for six weeks.

Baby Dax Johnston made a surprise arrival while his mum and dad, Katie and Lee, were enjoying a four-day break in the Big Apple.

He was 11 weeks premature and weighed just 3lbs. He spent several weeks in intensive care before doctors finally gave him the all-clear to travel home to Burgh-Le-Marsh, Lincolnshire.

After finally bringing her baby boy back to Britain, Katie, 30, said: "This is the day we have been hoping and praying for since the very beginning.

"It's a huge relief to have Dax home, I can't believe how quickly he's come on in just one week - we couldn't be more proud. He now weighs over 6lbs so he's practically doubled in size.

"I feel mentally and physically exhausted so it will be great to sleep in our own bed and get Dax into a routine.

"A few weeks ago we never dreamt we would have him home so soon, it seemed like a lifetime away.

"The doctors in New York had originally said the earliest we could leave was on March 10th which was Dax's due date so it really is a miracle.

"Both hospitals in the UK and the US have been incredible and really supportive – we couldn't have asked for better care.

"Now we can finally see him in his nursery which has been ready since before we left for New York."

Katie and Lee were facing a £130,000 medical bill after Dax was born.

Friends launched a fundraising campaign to raise the money, but insurer Allianz agreed to cover all costs, including a private jet with doctor.

The couple were also given free accommodation by the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides homes for families whose children are in hospital.

Katie added: "New York has become a very special place to us and we can't wait to take Dax in the future. We feel like we have an American family now, we met so many kind and helpful people whilst we were there.

"The Ronald McDonald House went above and beyond and even threw me a baby shower – it was really emotional when we said out goodbyes.

"I definitely want more children in the future but as much as I love New York, I've learnt my lesson and won't be travelling there again whilst I'm pregnant."

The couple are now looking forward to showing off their son to their family and friends who are yet to meet him.

Lee, 30, said: "It's great having the little man home, we can finally get him into a bit of a routine. We're now organising a big welcome home party for him to thank everyone.

"The thing me and Katie have been looking forward to most is being able to sleep in our bed with Dax by our side.

"He seems to be settling in really well so I've now gone back to work (as a personal trainer) as someone needs to pay the bills.

"Dax is coming on in leaps and bounds and has surpassed all of the doctor's expectations.

"Our next mission is for Dax to get big enough so we can take him back to meet his new adopted American family.

"We have promised to keep in touch with all of the people who helped him on his journey, and they're all excited for him to go back."

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