Four-Year-Old Girl's Response After Boy Called Her Ugly (Video)

25/11/2017 09:54 GMT


A four-year-old girl has become an inspiration for bullied children around the world – after putting a boy in his place for calling her ugly.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook, the girl is asked by her mum what happened at school that day.

Her daughter replied: "A little boy said I look ugly."

But rather than getting upset about it, as other children might, the youngster gave the boy a taste of Girl Power.

As she recounted to her mother the brilliant way she responded, she said:" "I said I didn't come here to make fashion statements, I came here to learn (to) not look pretty.

"The little boy said I look bad - and I said didn't you look in the mirror lately?

"Bye bye, see you later. You're making me mad."