Sorry Kim, Taylor Swift Has The Most Desired Female Body Shape

25/03/2015 18:06 | Updated 25 May 2015

Tall and long-limbed? You're in luck. Ladies that are similar to the likes of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have the most desired female body shape, say scientists.

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Australian researchers have found that men and women both find tall, leggy female body forms more appealing than shorter ladies with big bums and bust. Cover your ears, Kim Kardashian.

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According to the Daily Mail, a series of visual tests were conducted by researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney for the specialist journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Computerised images of different female body shapes based on 24 basic factors from bust and bottom size to length of legs and waist circumference were created.

A first "generation" of 120 of these were rated by volunteers from around the world, and the 60 body shapes with the lowest ratings were eliminated.

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Each of the remaining 60 were taken and a slight variation of each was added to create another 120 shapes.

They were again rated by volunteers with the 60 least popular being eliminated. This process was repeated over eight "generations", so a total of 960 different female shapes and sizes were evaluated.

By the end (are you keeping up?), researchers found that a tall form with a small waist, long slim legs, smaller bottom and smaller bust was the overall favourite of nearly 60,000 volunteers.

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While experts admitted that "no study can provide all the answers" about attractiveness, but that the study "found evidence for strong directional selection on the waist, which was accompanied by lengthening of the legs and a reduction in seat girth, resulting in taller and more slender physiques".

Time to hit the gym again. Oh, and buy a pair of killer heels... Then again, we heart Kim's curves, too.

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