Alan McGee: The Midflight Musings of a Music Svengali

07/09/2011 16:31 BST | Updated 07/11/2011 10:12 GMT

I am currently onboard a plane on my way to Australia flying from Tokyo and can't sleep so am doing this blog.

I am 50 years old and used to be in the music business. I never ever went to Australia back in the day, even though I seemed to sell a load of vinyl and cd's to them.

I now live in Wales full-time spending days bringing up my daughter and reading a load of books. I only ever really venture out of my home in Wales to DJ or give a talk about my past, otherwise I just stay put. But when I get to Australia it seems I'm going to be doing both of these things.

I never loved music the way my friends like Bobby Gillespie, Joe Foster or Andrew Innes did. I found out though by default that I was good at selling their music and so again by default, I found my own route out of Glasgow. My destination prior to this was, at best, to be a 20 stone Glaswegian with three kids and drive a taxi - if I was lucky. Music or actually should I say Punk bought me out of this life. Thank the Gods!!!!

I've done blogs before in the past. One I used to write was for The Guardian and for four years most of the articles, and this is for the record as nobody ever prints this bit in interviews, were complete piss takes of The Guardian readers and journalists. Well, all bar Tim Jonze and Alex Needham.

I claimed to like Phil Collins, Jon Bon Jovi and Foreigner. I actually took it so far they once put me on the phone to interview Jon Bon Jovi and I had to pretend I liked his music. I came up with the idea and it was put in motion by a girl called April.

Truthfully I'm now only involved in music because people pay me a load of money to talk a load of bollocks or DJ for them. If you're a friend though, as I still enjoy dj'ing, I will play the music for nothing or for a small fee. Otherwise I would rather, as I said, just stay put in Wales.

I suppose some thoughts then....

Computers are the new wands. Read the pamphlet before using.....

The IC1s. I met Daniel Coburn 6 years ago through my son Dan Devine. My son's group FLATS I love and I wish him every success with his band. Daniel Coburn of the IC1s on the other hand has morphed into an absolutely brilliant frontman.

I've watched IC1s a load of times this year & Coburn has it all, he can sing, they can play, they have the right attitude and more importantly the songs. Six years ago Dan looked unlikely, but now he's looking a definite winner. If you go see a new band go and see the IC1s, they're brilliant and are post-everything. They know the time and year unlike most other new bands, this is 2011.

Consciousness is now changing every 18 days. When I was 20 it changed every 20 years. Then when I was 40 it started changing every 365 days.

To certain dwellers in the Hollywood Hills Tent City and food stamps await you in the next 12 months..Majick it only gets more far out eh?

Buy Liber Null and Liber Kaos by Peter J Carroll. It will change your life.

Japanese people can understand me better than Londoners when I speak.

Nothing is real, everything is permitted.