Adam Knott London 2012 Paralympian, with a passion for all things sport and music

I’m Adam Knott, a London 2012 Paralympian where at the age of 17 I represented Great Britain in the sport of Goalball. I’m visually impaired so I see about 10% of what most people do, having been born with albinism. As part of our Olympic and Paralympic legacy I have started Winchester Goalball Club, hoping to get more blind and visually impaired people, young and old to try my sport. When I’m not training or competing I can be found at my piano, playing my flute, or doing all things musical, which is why I’ve chosen to study Music at Southampton University. I’ll be blogging and keeping you up-to-date, interested and amused on disability sport, my long and winding road to Rio, (it’s going to be a tough one to get there, but that’s the goal, so let’s enjoy the journey together), and some musical interludes to boot. Enjoy!