Alex Smith Former aide to Labour leader Ed Miliband, and consultant for Champollion Digital

Alex Smith is a leading political communications and campaigns specialist, having served as Director of Online Communications and Campaigns during Ed Miliband's award-winning Labour leadership bid and later in the Leader's Office in Parliament. He now consults with Champollion Digital, amongst others. In 2009-2010, Alex established himself as a voice of the Labour grassroots as founding director of LabourList, building the site to become the number one Labour forum with some 500,000 readers and over 3 million pageviews a year. In 2010, Alex stood as a council candidate for Labour in the ward in which he grew up in Islington. He is a co-founder of the Latimer Project and a governor at Holloway School. Before becoming involved in the Labour Party, Alex spent 2007-2008 in the United States, working in New York and volunteering on the Obama campaign in Brooklyn. He later devised and directed the independent, grassroots organisation Drive for Obama. Alex has written on British and American politics for Prospect, Total Politics, Progress, Compass and The Fabians as well as for Progressive London, the Government Gazette and House Magazine on policy and web campaigning. He has given numerous talks and lectures, including at Oxford University, the University of Westminster, Manchester Town Hall and the Houses of Parliament, and at events for organisations including Progressive London, Republic, NetrootsUK and the BBC College of Journalism.