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Andy Peebles

National broadcaster

Broadcaster Andy Peebles was a DJ on BBC Radio 1 for 13 years. More than just a music radio presenter Andy has interviewed three British prime ministers, commentated on cricket for the BBC and regularly presented shows on national radio for four decades. In 2011 Andy was inducted into the Radio Academy’s Hall of Fame. This highest honour in broadcasting pays tribute to people who have made a significant impact on the UK radio industry and British culture. Andy broadcasts nationally and can be heard every Saturday evening on Smooth Radio which has revived his “Soul Train” show which he presented on Radio 1 for eight years.

Rollover Elton - Why Elton John Is Right to Make Way for the New Generation

"I don't get played on the radio anymore, and quite rightly so, because it's other people's turn. At my age I can do what I want." Elton's comment illustrates one of the admirable traits of this founder figure of popular music - his benevolence. He has always been generous with his support of new bands.
25/09/2013 17:40 BST