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Drew Smith

Writer, editor, webmaster, fooderator

My current big works are translating Eugenie Brazier for the first time from the French. And Oysters, a history of the world, a wonderful obsession...there is a background blog at I contribute to the Huffington Post and work with Elwin Street developing international publishing and media projects including the new blog in beta at at

The Cupcake Essays (Part II) - Frosties Take to the Streets

Cupcakes are not simply this year's black - or pink or orange day-glo - but they are a party, to a tree, to a child, to a rendezvous... near you. Recession has sent the kitchens of the nation into a baking frenzy. Or maybe that should really be icing. Frost is friendship. Calories are good. Sweeten our world.
23/11/2011 11:31 GMT

Let Them Eat Cupcakes...A Chat With Manuela Kjeilen

Manuela cooks, photographs, styles (she is very good stylist) and posts an article for baking every day, no mean feat by itself, often in her favourite colour, pink. She also has five children. She is keen to point out that it is not just about cupcakes.
22/11/2011 15:41 GMT

The Best Kebab in the World?

For someone as steeped in restaurants as myself, it is just bizarre to come across a great restaurant by accident that no one has heard of, has no web site, no reviews and I think no phone number.
02/09/2011 00:02 BST