Diversity Should Be Embraced At All Festivals

Festivals like Wilderness should embrace diversity in every form but they are failing to reach out and connect with a wider audience. I wonder how many BAME's are involved with Wilderness. It would be interesting to note and get a clearer picture of whether diversity initiatives are being assessed or put in place behind the scenes.
11/08/2017 13:20 BST

Trump's Ban Will Not Work

Donald Trump's latest initiative to appease his supporters is not going to solve the war on terror or strengthen his relationship with the Muslim world. His 90 day ban for refugees and green card holders from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan has taken America back into the dark ages.
01/02/2017 13:22 GMT

Are We Living In A Divided Society?

Many Americans were hoping for a positive election result to improve race and community relations. With Trump elected the future seems uncertain but will the result have any effect on how we deal with community relations across Britain? The new era of right wing politics has not just taken effect across America but it has led to a far right uprising across Europe.
17/11/2016 15:59 GMT

Black Lives Do Matter

It's clear not all but a minority of these officers DO NOT LIKE Black people. Officers should be banned from using fire arms until further notice to prevent more incidents and deaths. It's time Black lives are valued and respected like any other human being. It could be your Mother, Father, Daughter, Sister, friend or close relative. Enough is enough.
12/07/2016 11:48 BST

Let's Stop Saying We Are Full and Deal With the Refugee Crisis

We have to remember those refugees are human beings like us, not cattle. They need our help, they have no homes, food, shelter. Regardless of religious or atheist beliefs - we have to help them it's a mandatory cause that should not even be questioned. Let's do the right thing.
17/09/2015 16:31 BST

Don Letts: I Didn't Feel Accepted as Black and British Until Soul II Soul Came Through

Don Letts, culture clash master, a pioneer who coined the culture clash term by introducing reggae to the punk movement from his shop on King's Road Chelsea in the 70s​ at a time where British music and society was divided​. ​A film producer and documentary maker - a man of many talents who has contributed heavily to change the face of British music, art and fashion.
03/09/2015 17:28 BST

XFM Set to Disappear From London's Radio Airwaves

XFM has roots, it has history. The rumour circulating about the station's future indicates it's due to close and rebranded as Radio X on Saturday 21st of September with Chris Moyles pencilled in to host the Breakfast show. It's worrying and highlights greed and lack of creativity at the top end of commercial radio.
31/08/2015 16:10 BST

Let's Embrace London Life and Culture in the Suburbs

We don't want the next generation to think our beloved city was made exclusively for travellers and rich investors. We need to ensure London's heritage is preserved. But let's embrace life in the suburbs and take the best of London with it.
09/06/2015 14:33 BST

We're Not American, So We Should Stop Calling It Black Friday!

It happens once a year, towards the end of November and has reared it's ugly head again. Black Friday depicts society in a vulnerable and selfish state. Yet we are all victims of it's success by flocking to the sales, hoping to pick up a bargain and will do anything to scoop the best deal by acquiring a state of the art plasma TV, fridge or pair of headphones.
01/12/2014 11:49 GMT

Band Aid 30: Lost Cause?!

Okay so I am fully aware Sir Bob Geldof is doing a good cause helping to raise funds for Ebola with Band Aid 30 - 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. He has roped in some of the biggest names in pop music.
18/11/2014 17:13 GMT

A Misconceived View of Gentrification

Alex's attack on <em>"Shoreditchification</em>" goes beyond the shores of Brick Lane, Hackney Road, Shoreditch High Street, Kingsland Road and surrounding areas. It's a real dig at what Londoners are all about. Get over it Alex, go and mingle with your gentrified buddies and chill out.
24/01/2014 11:05 GMT

Was Simon Amstell's Point on Apartheid Taken Out of Context?

Comedian and Broadcaster Simon Amstell guested on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and was pressured to apologise and branded a racist across on twitter and other social media networks after making an apartheid reference about Radio 1 and 1Xtra.
17/12/2013 12:09 GMT

A Selfie Too Far?!

Is this a new trend? Will we now see Selfies being taken at memorials and funerals? Nelson Mandela's memorial to many was viewed as a celebration therefore in some sense it was essential to capture that special moment and Selfie to remember the time, moment and it's significance.
16/12/2013 13:22 GMT

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

Gil Scott Heron said <em>"The Revolution will not be televised"</em>. He was right in some sense. It will certainly not be televised but digitalised on the radio. Although that might not happen for quite some time as the government, BBC and commercial radio have been bickering for years on scheduling a date to switch from analogue to digital.
12/12/2013 14:46 GMT

Has Boris Finally Lost the Plot?

Love or hate Boris Johnson he tends to get things wrong as we all do because we are human and it's only natural but this time in my true and humble opinion BOJO has gone too far and overstepped the mark on all counts.
02/12/2013 12:48 GMT

It's Time We Gained Some Respect From Cyclists

It has been a traumatic month for Boris, TFL and the deceased families but there are plans to still expand the superhighway, introduce more cycling initiatives, electric Boris bikes. As I type this another cyclist has died in a collision in Camberwell. Am I missing something?
26/11/2013 11:24 GMT