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Irna Qureshi

Anthropologist and writer on British Asian culture

Irna Qureshi is an anthropologist, writer and oral historian specialising in British Asian arts and culture. She has collaborated on several exhibitions and books on this theme, including Coming of Age: 21 Years of Mela in the UK, The Grand Trunk Road: From Delhi to the Khyber Pass and Home from Home: British Pakistanis in Mirpur.

Irna also blogs about being British, Muslim and female in Bradford. Her latest work, Cartographies of Love, is a live performance based on intimate conversations with three generations of Muslim women in and around Bradford.

No Sex Education Please, We're Muslim!

When I was introduced to the facts of life in a science lesson, I simply dismissed it as some repugnant English method of procreation which couldn't possibly apply to Pakistanis. I reasoned that Muslims didn't need these procedures because I'd heard babies were divinely ordained.
09/11/2012 09:35 GMT