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Kate Lemon

Programme Manager for British Gas Generation Green

Kate has worked at British Gas for nearly 6 years – starting in the Central Heating Installations business but working since 2009 in Sustainability Marketing and Brand Reputation, currently managing the Generation Green education programme for British Gas. Prior to joining British Gas Kate worked firstly as nanny and then for 9 years in marketing before moving to her first role in British Gas.

In between nannying and the start of her marketing career, Kate gained a BA Hons in Modern English and an MA in Classic Modern English.

Kate lives with her partner and their 4-year old daughter in Surrey. In her spare time she is a keen rider, sharing a horse and also enjoys gigs, festivals and camping.

The Future Belongs to the Curious

Imagine a world without curiosity. A world in which Isaac Newton simply picked up the apple and took a bite, rather than questioning why it fell and developing his theory of gravitation; a world in which Thomas Edison never felt the urge to experiment with electric lighting until he was able to create the first light bulb safe enough for use in the home, and a world in which Steve Jobs never pondered whether a mobile phone could do more than make calls. Makes you think, doesn't it?
02/09/2012 11:55 BST

The Power of Curiosity

Britain has won 76 Nobel Prizes for science and technology: more than anywhere else in Europe. Yet the RSA report has revealed that Britons are now more interested in experiences than they are in the pursuit of knowledge. Our hunger for knowledge becomes shallow rather than deep and impactful.
21/06/2012 16:44 BST