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Michelle Stonehill

Mother of two and a director of Brighton Holiday Homes and Stonehills Self Catering

Michelle with her husband Neil Stonehill have built their successful Brighton Holiday Homes business over the last seven years, starting with just two of their own properties. They now manage a property portfolio of approximately 100 holiday lets in Brighton. They have a further 100 holiday lets across the UK and Europe with their company Stonehills Self Catering. Michelle juggles running a successful business with being a mother and has also interior designed many of the Brighton holiday homes.

Welcome to the New Sandwich Generation

The pressure to make enough money to support everyone, whilst bringing up two young children and running a business is hard. The emotional turmoil of seeing your parents decline is hard enough in itself.
06/12/2012 23:00 GMT

Does Being Teetotal Make Me a Self-Righteous Bore?

People think that alcohol in your system makes you speak from the heart and allows your true feelings to come out. I don't think so. When I was drunk I said things to people I didn't mean. They weren't my true feelings at all.
26/11/2012 16:50 GMT

Working With Your Spouse...A Recipe for Disaster?

Running a business is difficult and, let's face it, marriage is difficult. Put the two together and it's not hard to see how for some the scenario might seem virtually masochistic. Working together definitely needs handling with care.
18/11/2012 17:29 GMT