Morgana Edwards Student writer and socially inept journalist

Morgana Edwards is a student journalist in her final year of a degree at the University of the Arts London. From an early age her passion for writing and opinionated nature were something she always sought to pursue. Edwards has always been politically interested, she been constantly engaged in current affairs and has a keen interest in social commentary in all its guises.

At the age of 9, Edwards wrote to and met with her local MP, delivering a 20-strong petition against the smacking of children. Since this initial foray into political activity she has gone on to contribute to hold several positions in her university students union, as well as being appointed News Editor of her university paper and contribute to local newspapers.

Following an internship with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's production company, KEO films, that Edwards decided to predominantly focus on issues of sustainable, ethically sourced food. Her love of food and cooking led her to co-found the blog 'Smart Girls Supper'. The website provides recipes featuring seasonal, high-welfare eating as well as advice on how to eat ethically and cheaply.