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Nick Shepley

History teacher, counsellor and creator of the Explaining History Podcast

Nick Shepley is a history teacher, psychotherapist and former newspaper hack. In the past five years he has established the Explaining History Podcast which at the time of writing this has 200,000 subscribers. Nick is passionate about enabling young people to engage with the past and think critically about the present.

If You Think Your Pupils Are Googling Their Way To Success, Think Again

Learning takes time, perseverance, effort and the knowledge that the learner has a right to be wrong, to make mistakes and to figure it out gradually. A learner's own imperfect answer which is the result of patience and reading is better than someone else's supposedly 'great' answer, acquired quickly online.
22/01/2017 17:11 GMT

Let's Not Forget, Fake News Has Been With Us For Decades

Alarming though the prospects for democracy and civil society are under the threat of online fake news disseminated through Google and Facebook, it is important to take a historical long view of the problem. In the past month since the election of Donald Trump, the influence of fake news disseminated by right wing media outlets in America, assisted it would appear by Russia, have caused alarm at the highest level.
19/12/2016 12:52 GMT

History Teachers Unite! We've Got Fake News To Fight

Firstly, don't shield learners from misinformation, give them the skills to examine and dispose of it. Secondly spotlight the misinformers and do it publicly. Thirdly shout loud and proud (at parents evenings if necessary), that your job is to help thinkers think more clearly because at the end of the day, that will serve them better than anything else you can do in the classroom.
12/12/2016 15:43 GMT