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Onika Adeneye

Debate Mate mentor, Intern at UNA-UK and LSE graduate

Onika has been a Debate Mate Mentor for two years, teaching students from inner city schools parliamentary style debate. A recent graduate of the LSE, she has a keen interest in international affairs with a special focus on Africa and Latin America.

COP-17: A Premature Victory

The conclusion of the Durban Climate Change conference has produced mixed response along familiar battle lines. Critical Ngo's, jubilant Europeans and unsatisfied developing nations have all had their say in the aftermath of what looked set to be a repeat of Copenhagen in 2009.
19/12/2011 11:24 GMT

Democratic Republic of Congo: Failed but Hopeful

For the second time in 40 years the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone to the polls. Over the years, The DRC has been blighted by militia violence, corruption and political failures earning the label of a "failed state".
07/12/2011 06:48 GMT