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Pam Warren

'The Lady in the Mask'

'The Lady in the Mask'
Since overcoming life-changing injuries from the Paddington Train Crash of 1999, I have become a master of re-invention and a catalyst for change not just in my own life but in the lives and work of others. Utilising my skills as a successful businesswoman, my experiences from my survival and recovery and being the lead campaigner in securing a safer rail network for Britain I am now a Professional Speaker delivering inspiring talks to conferences and seminars.

The Power Of Giving

The whole world is one vast network and if you are unwilling to be patient and listen more than you speak, willingly giving your attention, you will miss out on the true opportunities out there. The next time someone asks your advice or for help, see it as an opportunity to connect rather than an unwelcome interruption to your life.
26/05/2017 14:09 BST

The Purpose Of Being Human - Humans Need Purpose

I know my purpose; it is to serve. I want to leave whatever or whomever I come into a contact with in a better frame of mind or with a more joyous outlook precipitated by what I have said or done. Doesn't always work but that is what I strive for.
01/03/2017 13:53 GMT

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down And Try, Try Again

Sometimes in your career, just as I was, you are faced with nothing, nada, zilch, zero. In my case, it was the train crash that absolutely trashed my financial advice career and left me with no way back. For others, it may be the failure of a business, having to change direction to survive or even trying a new venture but not being sure where to start. Here are some tips on how to get going:
06/12/2016 12:11 GMT

Why Are Problems Like Buses?

From my experience, once you have handled a major setback and come through it, you can handle one again. Cold comfort if it is your first time facing real adversity, but if you can see it as an opportunity to learn it makes it easie
07/11/2016 11:57 GMT

We Need Purpose And To Know Our "Why"

When I thought I was dying, I realised with absolute clarity, that I had NOT fulfilled my purpose, I had NOT found my why and that, in part, fuelled my fight back. I experienced a sense of regret at a life not fully lived and I think that is quite common among people suffering traumatic events.
29/09/2016 09:22 BST

Are You Achieving Your Personal Best?

For myself; surviving the train crash was my first personal best. We never really know what we are capable of until we are tested. The ensuing 15 years have been about a variety of personal milestones. Nobody would have judged me if I had given up. The odds on occasion seemed insurmountable, but I am a stubborn woman!
31/08/2016 13:09 BST

Imagine a World Without Scarring - It Could Be a Reality Within a Generation

One of the hardest things I had to come to terms with from my physical injuries after the train crash, was the scarring left after my wounds had healed. My face, hands and legs are all scarred and over the years I have come to accept them as being part of me and the person I am. However, what if there was a possibility that scarring from injury could be a thing of the past?
28/07/2016 14:05 BST

Facing Challenge - Fight, Flight or Delight?

In our lives there are times we are tested, challenged and asked to question our own strength. I faced the challenge of rebuilding my life after the train crash and have faced many challenges since. So, I have come to understand that when facing challenge there are times when you have to fight the fear, run like hell in the other direction or enjoy and relish the opportunity.
31/05/2016 16:19 BST

Who Says We Are Not Innovative? Great British Inventions

In my blogs this month I have been looking at the importance of innovation, being innovative and adopting an innovative approach. While doing my research I came across a lot of amazing British inventions- which I thought I would celebrate. I have chosen my 10 favourite inventions but there are plenty more!
29/03/2016 15:27 BST

Grimm Reading (A Bit of Fun for Xmas)

As an example let's look at Snow White. Leaving aside the fact, that is pretty disturbing, that her step-mother wants to kill her, Snow White not only talks to a stranger in the woods (the murderous queen disguised as an old hag) but accepts an offer of a bite of a poisoned apple. Why would she do that?
21/12/2015 13:31 GMT

Pick Your Fights - Choose Those That Matter

Passion is personal, but fights are usually won by being able to stand back and be objective about the odds. The world needs people to stand up and be counted, in business and in life. Some fights are truly worth engaging in - just pick your fights carefully, with an eye to success.
21/10/2015 22:09 BST

How to Live a Courageous Purposeful Life

Somebody once told me they felt they had been sleepwalking through their life until suddenly they were abandoned by their partner. Fear was palpable; fear of being alone; fear of not being able to pay the bills; fear of failing in all areas of their life.
14/09/2015 11:15 BST

Public Speaking That Keeps Them Awake!

You can be an interesting speaker if you follow this advice, but central to all of this is your own passion. If you are bored with your topic, your audience will be too. Communicate your passion by way of a well-structured story and your audience will stay awake and the applause will be enthusiastic!
11/08/2015 09:09 BST