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Rebecca Glenapp

Obsesses about online and fashion in equal measures, co-founder at LUX FIX

Rebecca obsesses about digital and fashion in equal measures. Since building an online dressing-up box when she should have been getting a proper job, her career has seen her variously delve into new markets for Facebook and develop luxury fashion lines for celebrities. She launched LUX FIX with Alice Hastings-Bass in the summer of 2012. The aim being to build a business that offered an alternative to mass-market brands, working with independent designers who provide the quality in materials and design without the normal "designer" price tag. They now have over 250 top boutique designers on the site and have launched e-shops for the Telegraph, Independent and Evening Standard fashion teams. Rebecca also sits on the Post Office Advisory Council board and writes for The Guardian Media Network.

It May Not Be Catwalk But It's Still Designer

In a brief hiatus from the gorgeous spectacle of fashion month, it's also worth looking at those designers who might never show on the catwalk and what their role is in fashion industry. I'm talking about the kind of designer classed as 'independent' or 'boutique'.
28/11/2014 14:54 GMT

Shingai Shoniwa - Showgirl Style

You only have to read the last outfit to know Shingai is many moons away from the clichéd dolled up popp-ette - in fact she seriously loves her fashion and is involved in every stage of the creation of her costumes. It's not just onstage though that she gets excited- Shingai lives and breathes <em>"fashion as art".</em>
26/11/2012 11:23 GMT