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Rita Lobo

Brazilian journalist and blogger kicking it in London

Born in Rio but based in London, Rita works as a journalist. Though her day job is in finance, her passion is human rights and current affairs. A feminist activist, keen blogger and social media enthusiast, Rita is not afraid to discuss controversial topics.

What Now for Immigrants Like Me?

London this morning is a completely different place than it was last night. Gone are the torrential thunderstorms that swamped the city, and the sun and summer are back out. and of course there's the other thing.
24/06/2016 12:36 BST

A New Day, a New Reason to Protest in Brazil

Monday night saw over 200,000 Brazilians in Rio, São Paulo, Brasilia and other smaller cities, rise up and resist the repression they faced last week. Over 200,000 citizens, standing together, willing to take the bullets and make their voices heard. And this time there were no rubber bullets, no tear gas.
18/06/2013 17:01 BST

We Need to Talk About Brazil

Last week the governments of Rio and São Paulo, Brazil's two biggest cities raised the cost of the bus fare by R$0.20 (£0.06). It might sound like a negligible amount of money, but it was enough to trigger the biggest public uprisings the country has seen in over two decades.
17/06/2013 17:13 BST