Robert Kelly Creator and CEO of The Thrive Programme -

Rob Kelly is a therapist, lecturer and author who has successfully helped many thousands of people to overcome their psychological, emotional and physical problems. He has spent the last twenty years studying how our thoughts, feelings and experiences impact upon our lives, creating symptoms, anxiety and illness.

Having been in practice as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist now for over twenty-five years, and offering professional training and consultancy for the last thirteen, Rob is highly-regarded amongst other professionals, and is widely respected as an expert in many of the fields in, and surrounding hypnosis and applied psychology. Because of this, and his high success rates, he has developed a good working relationship with Doctors, Specialists and Consultants, who regularly refer clients (and patients) to him. Rob regularly appears in the media, is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, and is the creator of a number of life-changing treatments such as his ‘Thrive Programme’.

Rob has also been in practice as a hypnotherapist and hypno-analyst, for the last nineteen years. (Full-time for the last sixteen). Rob is director of research and training for the International Association of Pure Hypoanalysts. During this time he has been of great assistance to more than twelve thousand people – which is more than your average psychotherapist would treat in ten lifetimes!

Rob runs many specialist clinics, treating people with particular phobias, such as emetophobia (fear of being sick) as well as: obsessions, anxieties and weight issues. Rob has been lecturing on varied specialist subjects for nine years, and is considered by many to be one of the worlds leading authorities on Emetophobia (a fear of being sick)
He is regularly brought in to comment by television and radio producers as an expert in the field, and is frequently featured in the press and magazines. Over the years Rob has developed a very specialised knowledge of emotional trauma and this has led him to work with police forces, and social services depts. around the country using forensic hypnosis with victims and perpetrators of crime.