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Ruth Bond

Chair of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes

Ruth began her working life in journalism, and then moved into property lettings until she had the first of her four children. Later, she went into business with her husband, designing and building theatrical sets and bespoke furniture.

She joined Barton WI in 1976 and is a past WI President. In the Cambridge Federation she is a WI Adviser, was the Federation Chairman for four years where she played a key role in the building of the new sustainable headquarters for the Cambridge Federation.

Ruth has been an NFWI Trustee since 2003, and was elected as NFWI Chair in June 2009 after being Chair of the Public Affairs Committee. As the Chair, she sits on all of the NFWI committees and is particularly concerned with green issues.

WI and NCT Report Finds Women Unsupported and Midwives Pushed to Their Limits

Maternity care is a journey, and all too often, there are points along the way where women are let down, left uninformed, and disempowered, and the lack of midwives lies behind this. Government directives, clinical guidance and decades of policy based around 'choice' is only worth the paper it's printed on,
06/05/2013 15:47 BST

Pesticides and Pollinators - Time to Act

Our bee population remains in crisis and, in recent months, bees have been in the headlines once again. This is largely in light of a growing body of evidence emerging on the impact that neonicotinoids - a type of systemic insecticide used in agriculture, as well as in the home - has on bee health and wellbeing.
15/03/2013 11:49 GMT

Rebuilding Consumer Trust in Food

Food labelling is back in the headlines as EU ministers meet today to discuss the deepening horse meat crisis as it spreads across Europe. As recent events have shown, regulations regarding food labelling in the UK are lax and frequently serve to mislead the consumer.
26/02/2013 13:26 GMT

Volunteers Cannot Continue Being Used as Sticking Plasters in the Library Service

As the demand for volunteers grows, we must look at what can be realistically expected of our volunteers. People volunteer for a wide range of reasons; they might care passionately about a cause, it might be the sense of affirmation that they get, others might volunteer in order to gain new experiences or to meet new people.
22/01/2013 13:31 GMT