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Scott Capurro

Comic, actor and author

San Franciscan actor/comedian Scott Capurro has become one of the most popular faces on the UK comedy circuit. At his first appearance in the UK, the 1994 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scott hit the ground stumbling by winning both the PERRIER BEST NEWCOMER for his show ‘RiskGay’, along with the SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE award. ‘Scott Capurro’s
Love and Affection Tour’, his 1995 Edinburgh show, was then nominated for the main PERRIER AWARD.

Since then, Scott has extensively toured the US, Australia, South Africa,
Europe and Canada, having performed several times at the JUST FOR
LAUGH’S FESTIVAL in Montreal, and comedy festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Cape Town, Prague, Manchester, Kilkenny, Los Angeles, New York City and Stoke-on-Trent. He’s successfully played his hour to sold-out audiences at 14 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, including his smash hit show ‘Scott Capurro Goes Deeper’ in 2008, which also toured the UK extensively; and ‘Who Are The Jocks?’, which swooped up 5 star reviews and was later featured on the BBC1 TV programme ‘Imagine’.

Other live UK performances include the Hay Festival in 2007, which
received menacing glares from cardigan wearers.
His first novel, Fowl Play, was published in September of 2000 and
garnered wonderful reviews. Since then he’s been ignored by proper literary houses whilst writing for several newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Index on Censorship, The Age, Time Out Magazine, Attitude Magazine, Gay Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

My Left Lung

My liver was shutting down and that is how people die at home. They self diagnose. F*cking internet... I'd had to cancel my entire Edinburgh Fringe run, a show partially about my mother's lung disease, because I couldn't talk without coughing. Irony is a cruel mistress.
14/08/2013 17:14 BST

Aids 1: Guardian 0

Maybe Glenn Greenwald can stop blaming gay people for the merchandising of America's Left, and find his own progressives who don't mind being ostracized or murdered. Short of that, a radical makeover of SF Gay Pride is necessary, if only so Glenn has something to strum about when he's musing on his acoustic Gibson after one too many Starbucks cappuccinos from his Notting Hill local.
29/04/2013 17:33 BST

Gay Meat and Guns

When I was in California in July, my sister showed me her gun. She lives in a wealthy, predominately white suburb, and she keeps the gun polished and loaded to defend herself and her family against lunatics who also have guns.
28/12/2012 16:23 GMT

Defending Jimmy Savile

Why is Savile being crucified for most men's slightly groping, misplaced, but ultimately harmless affections? What's in a peck on the cheek, other than a potential tongue? Isn't a hand on the knee just a simpler way of saying 'me likey'?
16/12/2012 19:20 GMT

Lesbian AIDS

Comedy clubs have, for a long time, been a female's safe space. Not <em>on</em> stage, because of the pure misogyny of stand up, but off. A husband won't win that fight about offensiveness, so he keeps quiet, while women determine what's appropriate.
10/12/2012 16:57 GMT

Sad F**king Queer

I've got a blind spot where the word 'queer' is concerned, unless I'm paying someone £50 to whisper it into my ear. When my sexuality is used as a weapon, the comedy club becomes a schoolyard and I'm 14 again, tall and skinny and femmy and mouthy, a huge ego and a low self esteem.
07/12/2012 17:00 GMT

I Wanna Tap That

Why is the media so anxious about phone tapping? I would love if someone as powerful as Rupert Murdoch gave a sh*t about what I say.
02/12/2012 19:19 GMT

Pink Slip the Senate

Wonder Woman is more excited than when she bought her first shipment of steroids on line, because there's now lots of lesbians in the senate! Or just one? Well, one OUT lesbian is more than enough, right Hillary?
13/11/2012 21:03 GMT

If Romney Wins, I'm Satan, If Obama Wins, I'm Modern

I voted for Obama because I want to sleep. What keeps me up at night is the anger I feel because my husband can't meet the row of alcoholics and pill poppers that make up my lineage. If only he could witness, in person, what a paranoid, trembling mess my remaining family of underpaid, suffering Americans are, he might realize how well I've turned out!
06/11/2012 17:06 GMT