Steve Wardlaw

Chairman of Emerald Life - an insurer dedicated to equality - and noted LGBT campaigner

Chairman of Emerald Life, the UK's first insurer fighting for equality for LGBT people, women and non-traditional families. Steve previously lived in Russia for eight years with his husband doing oil and gas deals. He has always been involved with LGBT issues and campaigns, and in 1998 was a silver medallist in the Latin American contest at the Gay Games in Amsterdam.
POOL New / Reuters

Too little, too late, Theresa?

The Prime Minister’s Brexit speech at Mansion House last Friday may have been the first time we saw flesh on the Brexit bones, but has the deal/ship already sailed? And is anyone planning her negotiation strategy?
05/03/2018 11:29 GMT

The Tenner In Your Pocket, And Why We Need To See More Women Everywhere

There are only four banknotes - £5, £10, £20 and £50. The new polymer £20 is due out in 2020, which will just leave the £50 to be replaced (no date has yet been set for that). Would it really be that difficult to have an understanding that there should be two women and two men at any one time?
14/09/2017 15:13 BST

Why We Need LGBT Football Teams - And Why We Don't

They don't deny that there are still incidents of homophobia all too frequently, and that more could be done at the top levels to set examples and to punish. For example, the 'kick it out' campaign seems less energised than when it was just about racism. However, every Sunday (and every Tuesday evenings for training) the Falcons players are showing that their love of the game, and their love of playing, does not diminish because they are gay, bi, or straight allies.
07/09/2017 12:47 BST

Gay Men In Football - Why Aren't Rainbow Laces Enough?

Football is a great and glorious sport that can be both exhilarating and crushing at the same time. The sport itself can be dogged in controversy from time to time (World Cup anyone?) yet it has the power to unite and lead. It should be better at leading on the issue of gay players in professional football.
29/08/2017 17:12 BST

Why Can't Pride Really Be For All Of Us? A Personal View

First though, some thanks are in order to the board. It is never easy to produce a report that is critical, especially for an event that is largely staffed by volunteers. However, Pride in London is the UK's headline Pride event, and the LGBT community would be doing itself a disservice were it not to review and look to improve.
22/08/2017 14:56 BST

Post-Election Blues? Why We Are Right To Be Concerned About LGBT Equality In The Coming Months

In a strong democracy (and let's not forget that we live in a strong democracy), this continued focus on equality will pay off provided that, as a community backed by its supporters, we make sure that issues around LGBT rights, womens reproductive rights, and issues that we would otherwise take for granted in the rest of the UK are not lost in the storm of an approaching Brexit.
14/06/2017 11:29 BST

Why We Must Continue To Highlight The Chechen Internment Of Gay Men

In a country where 20 per cent of the population thinks that gay people should be 'isolated from society' and 41 per cent think that the state should persecute people with 'untraditional sexual preferences' in order to 'exterminate the phenomenon', we have no option but to remain vigilant, and remain loud.
14/04/2017 15:36 BST