Socks And Slides: When You Make A Song And Dance About It

26/08/2016 18:24 | Updated 20 August 2017

Socks and Slides have undoubtably been this summers footwear choice, and not only for your Uncle Ade, but for your teenage cousins, nephews and nieces. North London rap artist iLLAMADi, decided to pay homage to this footwear epidemic that has swept across most of London, and made a song and dance about it. Literally. Let me break down the lyrics for you.

"1, 2 buckle my shoe, nah thats long, 3,4,5 socks and Slides"!

OK, I get it, wearing Slides is very convenient, no need to flatten your trainers by turning them into make-shift sandals, you just slide your feet in the rubberised moulding of the Slides and off you go to take out the rubbish on a Wednesday night.

"I remember when they use to be uncool, now I'm stepping out looking like uncle"...

There was a time when the only people who wore Slides, or sandals as they were called back in the 90's by the pool, lido or living room. They were the perfect ensemble to match Hawaiian shirts and fluorescent Bermuda shorts. It was only ever worn by our dad. And uncle Ade.

"...Slides with the leather, Slides with the fur"...

Nowadays you'll find Slides come in all shapes styles and colours. They even have Slides with fur trimmings on them! They've definitely sexed up the sandal!

"My Gucci Slides match my Gucci belt"...

There is a lovers of slides take forever choosing the right colour at the sports store. It's got to match their outfit. Their going out-out-outfit! How dare you wear Adidas Slides with a rival sports brand T-shirt! Go right back upstairs and change!

"She loved the combo, socks with Slides"...

Women are also following the socks and slides trend. I even witnessed a video on youtube where a young lady is describing her ideal man. "He has to have nice socks and slides". That easy huh? Although there is also a meme on Instagram that claims women should not trust men that wear Slides!

"Think they got swag coz' they wear no socks with their loafers"...

iLLAMADi believes nothing can touch the swag level of socks and Slides, not even the loafers-with-no-socks look which is championed by Essex boys on a night out in Loughton and Nigerian dons at an Afro Beat club nights in Canary Wharf. Oh and weddings.

"Hold tight my Yardies, hold tight my Naijas, Old Kent Road with their Adidas Sliders"...

According to iLLAMADi, Carribean and Nigerian men are the champions of wearing socks and Slides. Especially in South London. Sliders. Personally, I have seen them worn absolutely everywhere and the age group has become younger. Socks and Slides in colleges, at church and I kid you not, even at a wedding reception!

Having noticed the behaviour of fashion over the last 5 years, It seems under, night and inner wear (dressing gowns, night head wraps and now slides) have grown balls and decided to venture beyond the 4 walls of their humble abode to seek approval in the great outdoors.
I wonder what will come next. Tees and towels?


'Sokx 'N Slides' by iLLAMADi and produced by Jeff Nang is available on Apple Music from 26th August 2016


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