Beyoncé Grants Teenage Cancer Patient's Wish By Giving Her FaceTime Call

Bey, we can see your halo.

24/03/2017 11:01 GMT

When Ebony Banks was diagnosed with stage four cancer the teen said she had one wish: to meet Beyoncé. 

And thanks to her friends embarking on a social media campaign, the secondary school student, from Houston, Texas, got her wish.

Banks’ classmates began tweeting Beyoncé with their request along with the hashtag #ebobmeetsbeyonce. 

It wasn’t long before Queen Bey herself noticed their plea and agree to FaceTime Banks.

Footage of the FaceTime was shared by the Twitter account @Bey_Legion, where it has since been liked more than 10,000 times.

In the video, Beyoncé, who’s also from Houston, can be seen smiling and waving at the teen before saying: “I love you.”

Bey, we can see your halo shining.