'Big Brother': Lotan Carter Reveals He's Had Death Threats Since Being Removed

'What I said to Isabelle was so out of context.'

30/06/2017 10:54

Ejected ‘Big Brother’ contestant Lotan Carter has revealed he’s had a tough time since leaving the house, claiming he’s received hundreds of death threats in the past week.

Lotan has now spoken about his removal from the house, revealing the reaction his comments has had on the public.

Channel 5
Lotan Carter

Earlier this week, Lotan revealed that he’d been secretly making trips to hospital during his time in ‘BB’ due to a stomach ulcer that had erupted due to stress, revealing he’d been vomitting blood prior to this removal from the house.

He also claimed that he was in agony during his final day in the house, which he suggested exacerbated the row that eventually led to his removal.

Following Lotan’s exit, four new contestants have arrived in the ‘Big Brother’ house, who missed out on an opportunity to become housemates earlier in the series.

‘Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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