'Big Brother' 2017: Bosses 'Ditch Pairs' In Favour Of New Theme

We won't be getting a 'double trouble' house after all.

24/05/2017 12:03

‘Big Brother’ producers have reportedly ditched this year’s theme, ahead of the new series next month.

Earlier this year, host Emma Willis revealed that they were hoping for the housemates to enter the house in pairs as part of a fresh twist, with the Daily Star suggesting the plan was to have a “double trouble” theme.

However, after this year’s eye logo and trailer were both unveiled, neither of which referenced the idea of pairs, fans began speculating that bosses had ditched the idea of paired housemates altogether - and it now seems they’re right.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Emma Willis

‘Bit On The Side’ host Rylan Clark-Neal previously told HuffPost UK during an interview on ‘BUILD’: I can say that we were looking for pairs but I can’t say any more than that.

Earlier this month, the new ‘Big Brother’ eye was unveiled, featuring a UK flag and various aspects of British culture, including a London telephone box, a teapot and a pro-immigration protest sign.

Channel 5
The new 'BB' eye

The new series of ‘Big Brother’ is expected to begin in the first week of June, meaning the housemates will not discover who has won the UK election.

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