'Casualty' To Kill Off Regular Character In Shock Storyline, But Who Will Die?

It's curtains for a Holby hospital favourite.

08/02/2017 12:38

’Casualty’ is killing off one of its regular characters in a shock storyline, it has been revealed. 

An insider has revealed to Digital Spy that a Holby hospital favourite will lose their lives in the coming months, after the cast were spotted filming funeral scenes earlier this week. 

A 'Casualty' regular will be killed off

It comes after the show’s producer, Erika Hossington, previously teased a car accident that’s ahead for the BBC hospital drama. 

‘Casualty’ celebrated its 30th birthday last September, and its 1000th episode  marked the return of actress Cathy Shipton nurse Lisa “Duffy” Duffin.

‘Casualty’ airs on Saturday nights on BBC One.

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