'Coronation Street' Spoilers: Pat Phelan And Mary Taylor's Family To Arrive In Weatherfield

'Firm plans are in place, and bosses are trying to fill the roles with the best talent they can.'

03/04/2017 09:06

The ‘Coronation Street’ cast is about to get even bigger, with two Weatherfield residents getting some new family members in the coming months.

Crooked builder Pat Phelan is in for a shock, when he discovers that he has a grown-up daughter from a past relationship, Nicola.

Pat Phelan

But the surprises don’t stop there, as he then learns that Nicola has a child of her own, and ‘Corrie’ fans already know him.

It turns out that Seb Franklin - the teenage boyfriend of Faye Windass - is Nicola’s son, which is sure to be bad news for Faye’s mum, Anna, who has bad blood with Phelan already.

Anna is already no fan of Seb's - just wait till she finds out who his grandfather is

Also getting some new family members is Mary Taylor, following the revelation last year that she gave a son, Jude, up for adoption in her younger years.

After meeting Jude last year, Mary almost moved to South Africa to be with him over the festive period, but ultimately changed her mind, deciding Weatherfield was where she belonged.

It seems Jude is set to return when ‘Corrie’ begins airing six episodes a week, and he’ll be joined by the rest of his family too.

Mary and her son, Jude

Phelan’s paternity news is just the latest in a long line of dramas, after he was arrested, and later released, on suspicion of trying to kill Ken Barlow last week.

With Phelan seemingly out of the frame, it’s still not known who was responsible for pushing the long-serving character down the stairs, with a number of ‘Corrie’ regulars named as potential suspects.

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