'Love Island' Couples' Loyalties To Be Tested In 'Explosive' Twist

Not everyone is going to come out of this smelling of roses, we predict.

27/06/2017 08:37

‘Love Island’ bosses are planning to put the contestants’ loyalties to the “ultimate test” in the coming weeks.

The remaining couples are about to be split up, with half of them being sent to a whole new villa, separated from their partners.

The 'Love Island' contestants

The boys will be in one villa and the girls in another, with a slew of newbies arriving shortly afterwards, to test the strength of the show’s core relationships in an “explosive” twist.

The “ultimate challenge” will serve as a “test of loyalty” for those who’ve already found romance on the show, but also a chance for “the ones who haven’t found love” to see if they can find it with a newbie.

Dom's had a rough week - and he's about to be put to the "ultimate test"

It’s already been a dramatic week in the ‘Love Island’ villa, particularly after Dom Lever was let in on the rumour that Jessica Shears, who he was previously partnered with on the show, had been unfaithful with former contestant Mike Thalassitis on the outside.

But while Dom kicked off upon hearing the news, both Mike and Jess have denied the accusation.

‘Love Island’ continues tonight (27 June), at 9pm on ITV2.

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