Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell Defends Himself After 'Controlling' Behaviour Accusations

'I think, if anything, over the last day I had backed off from Tyla and given her time to get her head straight.'

12/07/2017 09:08

Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell has responded to critics who questioned his behaviour towards Tyla Carr, claiming that comments slammed by a women’s charity were “quite clearly a joke”.

On Tuesday (11 July), Women’s Aid’s CEO Polly Neate singled out the moment when Jonny commented that love rival Theo Campbell would have to “prise Tyla from his cold, dead hands” for criticism.

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Jonny Mitchell

In a blog published on HuffPost UK, she wrote that “it did not demonstrate just how much he liked her and it certainly wasn’t funny. It was possessive and controlling”.

However, now that he’s back in the real world, Jonny has now defended his remark.

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Jonny and Tyla 

Jonny’s exit came as as shock to the Islanders, who watched on as he and Tyla - who were voted the least favourite housemates - had to decide which of them would leave.

‘Love Island’ fever has swept the nation in recent weeks and the show has led to record viewing figures for ITV2.

It counts plenty of celebrities as fans too, including Jeremy Corbyn(!) and Liam Gallagher, who admitted to watching the show in his dressing room at Glastonbury.

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