‘Make Or Break’ Could Fill The ‘Love Island’-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Think 'Love Island', with one (big) brutal twist.

26/07/2017 18:08 BST | Updated 27/07/2017 08:12 BST

If the end of ‘Love Island’ 2017 has left you feeling bereft, then we may have the answer in the form of ‘Make Or Break’.

Channel 5’s all-new dating show starts next month (Monday 7 August, at 10pm) and comes complete with its own tropical location, luxury villa and couples - among with one pretty big twist.

While everyone arriving on ‘Love Island’ was free and single, this programme sees couples who’ve had a rough ride in recent months being put “on a break” and dating each other instead, swapping partners every 48 hours.

During their stay, they’ll take in couples’ workshops, challenges and sex tutorials, all in a bid to see if they can save their relationships.

Hm? It sounds like a fair few of them could break up? We’re saying nothing.

Get to know the couples taking part below…

  • Abbi, 24, Stevenage
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Abbi is in a relationship with Stephen and they have been dating for 4 years.

    +They went on a break for a few months after she found pictures of him with girls whilst in Las Vegas – can she trust him again?
  • Stephen, 32, Stevenage
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Can Stephen shake his playboy image and decide if Abbi is the one?
  • Beth, 21, Nottingham
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Beth is in a relationship with David, they have been together for 9 months.

    + Will Beth move in or move on?
  • David, 27, Nottingham
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Think you've seen David before? Probably because he was a contestant on 2015 series of 'The Apprentice'.
  • Elle, 24, Manchester
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Elle has been with Andy for 4 years.

    + Andy has cheated on Elle 30 times, can he change his ways?
  • Andy, 23, Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Andy blames the lad culture at university for him cheating on Elle. Can he change his ways and stay faithful?
  • Ellie, 21, Bristol
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Ellie and Connor have been together for 3 years.

    + Ellie has a huge following online with her YouTube channel, but can she learn to trust boyfriend Connor?
  • Connor, 23, Bristol
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Connor is a fitness fanatic.

    + Can Connor face his emotions and give girlfriend Ellie the affection she craves?
  • Holly, 22, Blackburn
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Holly and Karl have been together for 4 years and met through Facebook.

    + Karl had a 3 month affair whilst himself and Holly were going through a rough patch last February – can she trust him again?
  • Karl, 26, Blackburn
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Can Karl convince Holly to trust him again after having a 3 month affair last year?
  • Jess, 21, Liverpool
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Jess and Matty have been together for over 3 years and met through Facebook.

    + Jess wishes Matty could be more ambitious in life, like her, as it causes constant arguments between them.
  • Matty, 23, Liverpool
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Matty admits his insecurities are getting in the way of their relationship.

    + Can he change his ways and go the distance with Jess?
  • Nikita, 28, Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    +Nikita and Che have been together for nearly 2 years.

    +Nikita works as a stripper, which causes issues with boyfriend Che.
  • Che, 21, Newcastle
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Girlfriend Nikita admits to jealousy and hates any girl talking to him.

    + Can he persuade her to trust him?
  • Sophii, 26, Cardiff
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Sophii has been with boyfriend Richard for 3 years.

    + They met in 2014 whilst working at a local nightclub in Cardiff.

    + Sophii admits to reacting badly to girls who stare at her boyfriend.
  • Richard, 24, Cardiff
    Picselect/Channel 5
    + Richard used to work as a stripper.

    + Girlfriend Sophii keeps him on a tight leash.