'I'm Having A Bunny': Mum-To-Be Spots Unexpected Silhouette At First Ultrasound Scan

'I'm so hoppy for you.'

29/08/2016 11:58 BST

You can read all the baby books you want, but little will prepare you for heading to your first ultrasound scan and discovering you’re expecting a beautiful baby rabbit. 

That’s what happened to one mother-to-be, after she saw a familiar silhouette on the screen.

The mum uploaded the hilarious scan to Imgur and Reddit with the caption: “Went for my first ultrasound today…turns out I’m having a bunny.”

“You do realise the expression ‘At it like rabbits’ is not supposed to be taken literally,” wrote one user.

“I’m so hoppy for you,” wrote another.

One parent had a similar experience: “My wife’s first ultrasound indicated she was preggo with a lima bean. Turned out to be an awesome little boy.”


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