Nigella Lawson Blasts ‘The Great British Bake Off’ As ‘Unrealistic’

'Things can’t look like they come from a factory.'

26/09/2017 09:34 BST | Updated 26/09/2017 09:34 BST

Nigella Lawson has taken aim at ‘The Great British Bake Off’ just as she’s about to launch her latest cookbook and accompanying TV series.

The TV cook claims the much-loved baking show is “unrealistic” because home cooking shouldn’t be about achieving absolutely perfect looking cakes and biscuits - something the ‘Bake Off’ contestants are judged on.

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Nigella Lawson

“We live in a world where there is so much, so glossily done,” Nigella tells Good Housekeeping Magazine.

“If I am given a cake, I like to see that it has been made by someone and that it’s not even. That is what cooking is. Things can’t look like they come from a factory.”

She adds: “You know on Bake Off where they say you have to make 18 biscuits and they have to be identical? I have never had two biscuits that look identical!”

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The all-new 'Great British Bake Off' team

The 57-year-old also revealed she keeps in shape these days by doing yoga three times a week.

“I have to do something I enjoy, otherwise I wouldn’t do it,” she says..

“The older I get the more I realise I have got to do lots of stretching. So even if I’m not doing yoga, I make myself do lots of stretching.”  

Last week, Nigella defended her new book ‘At My Table’, after some critics blasted some of its simpler recipes as ‘boring’, including a ham and cheese toastie.


She said: “It’s not always about the recipe. I think it’s more of an enthusiasm. I didn’t even give particular amounts of what to use.

“Sometimes it’s the middle of the night and I decide ‘I want to make a ham and cheese toastie’

“I love when people say they like cheddar and marmalade sandwiches. It’s not a recipe but it’s an idea.

“If you can get pleasure in life why turn away from it? As long as I am the person who is allowed to eat the sandwiches I don’t care what they feel.”

Read the full interview with Nigella in the November issue of Good Housekeeping, on sale 27 September 27.

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