'X Factor': The Brooks Return To Audition, After Making Louis Walsh's Judges' Houses In 2014

Will the identical twin brothers have more luck this time around?

11/09/2016 00:00 | Updated 11 September 2016

Louis Walsh comes face-to-face with a blast from ‘X Factor’ past when The Brooks return to audition for the show on Sunday (11 September).

The identical twins first appeared on the ITV talent show in 2014, when they made it to Louis’ Judges’ Houses, but were sent packing when he put through Stereo Kicks, Overload Generation, Blonde Electra and Only The Young to the live shows instead.

Josh and Kyle Brooks are BACK

But the 17-year-olds - named Josh and Kyle - are brimming with confidence when they strut back into the audition room to try their luck again, telling the judges they have “unfinished business” with the show.

Their rendition of Naughty Boy and Beyoncé’s ‘Running’, leaves Simon remarking that it is an “improvement from when I first saw you”.

Louis then adds: “I wanted to put you through in Bermuda, but your vocal wasn’t good enough - I was on the fence...”

While viewers will have to wait and see whether the judges put The Brooks through to Bootcamp this time around, their appearance has already been shrouded in controversy, as it previously emerged they were being managed by Simon’s best friend Sinitta.

The ‘So Macho’ singer was accused of using her friendship with Simon to the boys’ advantage, with some claiming that Josh and Kyle had an unfair advantage over other contestants.

Josh and Kyle auditioned for the show in 2014

An ‘X Factor’ spokesperson later denied allegations the show was fixed, stating: “The Brooks have received no special treatment and have not been guaranteed a place in the competition. Neither have there been any problems raised about their attitude.

“All acts are auditioned on the merit of their performances and nothing else.”

‘The X Factor’ airs tonight at 8pm on ITV.

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