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Food Tube Family Favourite Launches Her Own Channel

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Home cook Kerryann Dunlop brings her wholesome range of family meals to the Food Tube network table.

An alumni of Jamie Oliver's first Fifteen program, Kerryann learnt to cook on a budget as a child and has carried her good value, good food ethos trough to feeding her own children. Now she is sharing her recipes with you.

Her channel kicks off with two hearty recipes - scrambled eggs and chilli con veggie. Take a look:

In other news, Food Tube won not one but two gongs in the Webby Awards - Best Web Personality/Host and How-to & DIY (Channel).

The Food Tube network hit 300,000 subscribers this week - an awesome milestone and Drinks Tube racked up 20,000 subscribers - that deserves a drink.

Sarah Warman has Craft Beers in cans to suit all palates - perfect:

Jamie and Gennaro have been messing about on the river.

Take a look at the latest What's Jamie Eating which not only explores that conundrum but also discusses whether it is a good idea to cook in the buff and what Italian women talk about in the kitchen:

And finally, whether you're House Stark, Lannister or Targaryen, Cupcake Jemma has a treat for you.

She's only gone and whipped up a batch of Game of Thrones cupcakes:

For all the latest recipes, tips and trick, make sure you're subscribed to FoodTube.

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